Bollino Aragosta

Bollino Aragosta


The most “vinegary” of the three Traditional Balsamic Vinegars.
The delicate fragrance and the pleasantly intense acidity make this vinegar the ideal choice for carpaccio, dips for raw vegetables and marinades. It can be used warm, to add extra flavour to meat and fish at the end of the cooking process, or for sauces and dips.

Vinegars with the Aragosta sticker are popular for the pleasingly distinct sensation of volatile acidity. Its subtle, delicate fragrance and good acidity make it ideal for drizzling over meat and fish carpaccio, raw vegetables for dips and in marinades.

It can be added to the pan to give extra flavour at the end of the cooking process to shellfish, lamb rib chops, chicken breasts and rare red meats.
Top chefs used it to prepare pan juices for game, poultry and fish (especially cod).
Warmed and blended along with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano, it makes a delicious condiment for ravioli.


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